Changes to the Funding of Care

On 17th November 2021, the Department of Health & Social Care published an updated policy paper. The changes may take effect from October 2023.

Proposed changes – in brief, a person with capital below £20,000 will not contribute towards the cost of care. A person with capital between £20,000 & £100,000 will contribute in part to their care. A person with capital over £100,000 will self-fund their own care.

A lifetime cap of £86,000 will apply, BUT this cap does not include payments towards daily living costs such as, rent, food and utility bills (for both those in care and in their own home). Daily living costs will not exceed £10,400 per year.

Life expectancy – for male care home residents is 3.9 years and for female’s 5.3 years. Source: Office of National Statistics 2011-12.

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