The Team

Adrian Knight

ASWW (Founder)

The inspiration for me to create a Will Writing Service that is transparent with costs, efficient and available to all, was due to a close family member's premature death. The bill of legal fees that I was left having to pay I felt was unfair. Having a background within Financial Services enabled me to apply a compliant regulated and ethical business placing the needs of the clients first. Thank you and welcome to the team.

Radhika Kulkarni, LLB Honours

Legal Administration

After completing my degree in Law (LLB Honours) with Nottingham Trent University and being offered this opportunity I am pleased to be able to do what I have spent many years studying for. I simply enjoy my work with utmost ethical and professional approach. I arrange seminars for the team and ensure all legal documents are compliant with our firm's regulatory body The Society of Will Writers. 

Monika Jagielska, LLB Honours

Legal Administration & Compliance

After completing my degree in Law (LLB Honours) with Nottingham Trent University I was pleased to be employed by AJK. I am doing what I spent many years studying for, there is no better feeling than to know that you can make a difference to people’s lives by offering sound and ethical advice. I also ensure that the firm continues to be compliant with The Financial Conduct Authority.

Stephen Wright, Aff.SWW

New Business Development Manager

I enjoy working for AJK as I feel we offer a worthwhile service to the general public. Visiting my mother in her care home for the past 8 years brings home the reality of not planning in advance. If I can help just one person to avoid the ongoing trauma we as a family have gone through then I consider myself to have been a success in my chosen career.

Ivan Reffell

Estate Planner

I work in London visiting clients, what I find the best down here is that this company offers fixed pricing at a very reasonable cost. My background is in Insurance so I am familiar with what is best practice for our clients which is an ethos of ADRIANJKNIGHT LTD.

Paola Bortolozzo


My background is working with the NHS as a summariser which has placed me in good stead when I am processing Lasting Powers of Attorneys. I am methodical and clinical in my approach making sure whatever administrative duties I am doing they are done with precision. This ensures that our work is carried out efficiently and without delay.

Amy Davies


I enjoy greeting clients and making them tea or coffee. I also post the mail and clean the offices.

Heather McGlone


You will often find me in the office completing various administrative tasks. I enjoy my work as we operate in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Colin Clark

RIP - 23rd January 1945 - 15th November 2018

I have known Adrian for many years as I used to be his client, I offer my services to assist in the witnessing and signing of legal documents and as a courier. I have seen this company grow and am very proud to be a part of it.