Asset Protection Trust & Will

The Lifetime Trust: The Lifetime Property Protection Trust, allows you to shelter any assets you have, such as your home, in a Trust. Once the Trust is set up, it provides protection for any assets transferred into it and can help to make sure you leave as much as possible to your loved ones.

The Lifetime Property Protection Trust is designed so that you stay in control of your assets. It allows you to carry on living as if nothing has changed and use those assets in the same way as before. For example, even though you have placed assets in a Trust, you can continue to live in your home and spend or save your money as you wish.

While nothing changes for you, the Trust helps to protect your wealth for future generations as it makes sure that it goes to the people you want when you and any surviving spouse or partner dies. 

Assets in a Lifetime Trust are distributed almost immediately on your death and don’t need to be included in any probate process. Without the Trust in place your loved ones may have to wait for almost a year before the assets are distributed, which could result in additional worry and stress.

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